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Lützner Straße 91
04177 Leipzig

Tel. +49 341 39 28 06 29

Location Hammerbrücke

Muldenberg Str. 23
08262 Muldenhammer OT Hammerbrücke

Phone +49 341 39 28 06 29

& Insurance

Which shipping provider does JBS work with?

We ship all our rings with DHL. The cost of shipping is included in the ring prices.

Is my order insured?

All our shipments are insured for the value of the goods. Only when they hold the rings in their hands, we have done our job. Everything up to that point is our job. Also taking care of any shipments that may have disappeared, which fortunately is extremely rare.

When will my order be delivered?

We need 4-6 weeks for making. Please keep in mind that we do not deliver stock items, but all rings are made according to your sizes and any special requests you may have.

Can my order be shipped to an address that is different from the billing address?

In fact, we like to do that. It is better that they receive the shipment personally, or a person they trust. Be it at her workplace, be it her grandmother. Tell us the desired address, or the desired date. We will take it into account.

Shipping abroad

Which countries does JBS ship to?

We ship worldwide. To all countries of the European Community and outside the European Community.

How does customs clearance work?

Outside the European Community there are some things to consider when shipping, but we want to relieve them to a large extent. We prepare all the necessary customs documents, at no cost to them. You then only have to pay the import duty, but save the German VAT in return. We also take this into account in our accounting.

How does shipping work in Europe?

Fortunately, quite simple. Payment, shipping, tax just as if they were buying domestically.

Size change
& engraving

How can I find out the right ring size?

Beautiful rings are only really beautiful when they fit perfectly. Therefore, the ring width measurement is very important. You will receive a professional ring gauge from us after your order, with which you can measure your ring size. Please tell us the measured widths, and we will make copper rings that exactly match the specified size and width of the ordered rings and send them to you. Then they can once again calmly test the sizes to see if they are really ideal, in the morning, in the evening, with cold and with warm hands. It when you really think you have found the right ring size, we make the rings according to these sizes.

Are size changes possible?

Size changes are possible, although costly. We have to disassemble the rings again, heat treat the damascus and precious metal, widen and reassemble.

Do they also engrave the rings?

We offer them different engraving, hand engraving or laser engraving. With laser engraving, besides texts, fingerprints, or a facsimile of their handwriting are possible. You can find an engraving sample sheet here.

Can I have the rings refurbished?

We can refurbish your rings at any time and you will be amazed, they will look like new. Nevertheless, this should not be done too often, because each time we have to grind off something and the rings lose weight.

& Care

Can rings made of damask rust?

Our rings do not rust. We use a chrome alloyed damascus steel with a chrome content of 14% for the damascus part of the rings. From approx. 12%, one speaks of a stainless steel. This material is also used for cutlery and tableware.

Chromium as an alloying component makes the rings insensitive to water, skin sweat, dilute alkalis and acids. Chemicals as they occur in the household: Soap, fruit acids, cosmetics. You should be careful with chlorine-containing, harsh cleaning agents, such as those used as disinfectants or as cleaning agents in swimming pools. Let it be an indicator: what is not good for your rings is not good for your skin.

Few people have a very aggressive hand sweat, which gradually turns the rings a little darker. We have developed a special heat treatment for this purpose. It makes the rings more durable and the steel less contrasting.

How can I clean the rings?

Rinse with clean water and you’re done. If the rings are more dirty, the stone settings smeared with soap, for example, and the diamonds no longer sparkle properly, you should send the rings to us again. We clean with ultrasound, which really removes everything.

Can the rings be worn on any occasion?

You can wear the rings on any occasion. They should be careful only when swimming. When bathing, most rings are lost, fingers become narrower and water acts as a lubricant.

& Exclusivity

Are JBS diamonds conflict-free?

The diamonds we set are partly recycled diamonds – i.e. gemstones that have already been worn in jewelry – and partly stones that we source from Indian cutters, where care is taken to ensure that the cutters receive a fair wage and child labor is excluded. In addition, the diamonds are subject to the Kimberley Process, which ensures that they do not originate from war zones; incidentally, this applies to all diamonds offered for sale in Europe.

Does JBS offer colored diamonds?

We offer diamonds in the naturally available colors. The beautiful cognac, harmonizes especially with red gold, the slightly rarer olive looks great in white and yellow gold. Champagne colors tingle everywhere, that’s what the name says…

What we do not offer are subsequently and artificially colored or heated diamonds. This happens mainly in nuclear reactors and we don’t find it a nice thought to use their finger as a decay pool.

What quality are the diamonds?

For diamonds we have created a separate page, here.

Who develops the rings?

Some ideas come from Joachim Bartz, but many beautiful rings are also developed and implemented together in the workshop. Some beautiful ideas are also not implemented because it is not technically feasible, or a technical feasibility reduces the idea so that it no longer convinces us.

Where are the rings made?

The rings are made exclusively in our workshop in Leipzig. In the up-and-coming district of Plagwitz/Lindenau, we at Tapetenwerk work together with many creative people in a stimulating and beautiful working environment.

Payment methods

How are the rings paid for?

We ask you for a deposit of one third of the ring price when ordering the rings. Then their order is legally binding and we start manufacturing. With the completion of the rings, the rest is due. All payments we ask you to make as a bank transfer to our German account.

Can I return the rings?

Since the rings are custom made for you, they cannot return the rings. The most common reason for a return is that the rings do not fit. We rule this out with a professional size measurement and ring size check with the copper rings.

Can I deliver old gold?

You are welcome to deliver your old gold and reduce the price of the ring with it. The idea of recycling is already very old among goldsmiths. Gold can be melted down, re-precipitated and re-alloyed over and over again.

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