How a ring is created


It was a long way from the first damask ring to these rings we offer you here. We experimented with different materials and collaborated with different workshops. Nevertheless, we do not stand still and constantly develop new rings. The Knife Edge shape so recently came into the range and is now almost a classic. Even with its width of 3.2 mm, this ring also contains a damask blank, as you can see on the left.

How a ring is created 2

Testing in everyday life

Our rings should not only be beautiful, but also suitable for everyday use. To do this, we tested different cross-sections, thicknesses, heights. We think a ring that is comfortable to wear should not be wider than 7 mm; we have also reduced the thickness to 1.9 mm at the suggestion of our customers.

We attach great importance to the resistance of our rings to moisture. Therefore, we process a steel with a high chromium content, such as is used for cutlery and tableware.

Sometimes we see rings again after years and are happy if they have wear marks but are still beautiful rings.

How a ring is created 3


We take time for each individual ring. Sometimes a finished ring goes back if we think we’ve done it more beautifully before.

There is no mass production at our company, and there never should be. For every couple it is an important decision which rings to choose. We are aware of this and it is not an exaggeration to say that we feel this appreciation when we make the rings.

How a ring is created 4

Packing and shipping

You will receive all rings produced by us in a beautiful packaging, which you can also use at the registry office or in the church. The cases are made by hand from linden wood. The plane where you open the boxes is the natural growth line of the wood, split with the deliberate blow of an experienced sculptor. Or they can opt for our felt bags, which are more suitable for travel and everyday life.

We ship the rings insured to you, to Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland – wherever you live …

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